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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you from?

​     I'm from Italy but I live in England.

2. Which languages do you speak?
​     I currently speak three languages: Italian, Romanian and English (also a bit of Spanish and Esperanto. Check out Esperanto, it's an interesting language!).

     Many of you also asked me if I speak German. Nope, I don't speak it since it's too difficult but I would like to learn it...

3. Why did you choose the name "TheRedEngineer"?

     You know when someone asks a kid "what do you want to be when you grow up?"? Well, kids used (and still use) to say "I want        to be an astronaut", or a pilot etc. etc. As a kid my dream was to become an Engineer. When I created my channel, I was doing            engineering at school in Italy and at the same time I was really attracted by the "redstone" part of Minecraft.

     Mixing these two passions, here's how my name was created!

     Oh, and when I found out that engineering wasn't only building houses in a "Lego" style but a complicated mix of laws and                constraints.. engineering is no longer my dream!

4. How did you start making one commands?

     It all started in January 2015 when out of nowhere I found SQRTDude's video announcing the winner of his one command                  contest. The winner of SQRT's contest was IJAMinecraft and I decided to give a look at his videos. He had about 3k subscribers.

     Video after video, I was really amazed about those long codes that allowed you to import a "vanilla mod" into your world and I          said: I want to make these codes too!

5. Where did you learn to make one command creations?

     I learned to make one commands by myself. I looked inside one of IJA's commands and after a lot of practice (and raging), I              made my first one command creation: the Mining Turtle!

6. Why do you compact commands by hand?

     Even if there are some generators that compact your machines automatically, I compact all of my commands by hand. Why?              Because I have more freedom to personalize my creation and also because I can keep my brain active.

7. Can you make a map/command with me?

     Making videos for my channel already takes a lot of time and sadly I do not have time to work with all of you.

8. Where did you get your cape from?

​     I got it by attending Minecon 2016 in Anaheim, California.

9. What editing programs do you use to make your videos?
     I use Bandicam to record my screen and Adobe Premiere to edit my videos. I record myself with a GoPro Hero4 Black Edition for facecam videos and vlogs or any other stuff that doesn't happen on the screen of my computer!

​     For my thumbnails and art I use Adobe Photoshop.

10. Can I use your commands for a video or a map?
     Everyone can record videos with my commands as long as they give proper credits. If you want to make a video make sure to add        my channel link and the command link from my website in the video description. If you're using one of my commands in a map        that you will publicly release, make sure to let people know that I created the mechanics or things added by the command.

11. Where can I send you my fan art?
     You can send me fan art by e-mailing it to . Make sure to include "FAN ART" in the email title.

12. I can't copy your command because it's cut on the edges. What do I have to do?
     My website in not a responsive website so you might see some pages cut if you're accessing it from a device with a small monitor.

     To fix this simply press CTRL and - (minus) to zoom out the page.

13. Why is there a deer freaking out at the bottom of this page?
     Wait, what? Who let it in?