Can you get to the end?

This minigame is the remake of the "red light, green light" game. I used to play it a lot when I was kid and I decided to reproduce it in minecraft.

​Despite being a beginner at the time, I and Gianlu4Free made it work pretty well! This minigame is of course multiplayer compatible but can be also played in singleplayer.

PLEASE NOTE: This minigame can be really hard and cause rage quits, pay attention!!

Don't know what the "green light, red light" game is? Ok, I'll explain it for you, these days I doubt kids play this game outside any more.​ In this game a coloured wool in your inventory will suddenly change into yellow and then red wool: when it is green you have to run to the end of the level. When the wool becomes red be sure NOT to move or you'll have to start over!