/particle note -1817 62 157 5 5 5 .01 1 force

/particle endRod -1817 76 159 0 1 0 .5 10 force


How to make Christmas trees

This small command modification allows you to add different particles on your Christmas tree. For more Christmas lights, here's another tutorial done by me.

 ▶ [Set on 'repeat' and 'always active'] The first command (the one at the bottom) is a /particle command that generates note particles. Of course in your world you'll have to change the coordinates where you want the particles to be generated. The first 3 numbers (/particle note -1817 62 157 5 5 5 .01 1 force) indicate the X, Y and Z coordinates.

The three 5 following the coordinates indicate for how many blocks the particles have to expand. In my case, the particles will expand by 5 blocks in every direction from the point specified with the coordinates.

Every time we add 'force' at the end of a /particle command, we are specifying that the particles can be viewed from any direction and by every player.

 ▶ [Set on 'chain', and 'always active'] The second command does the exactly same thing. It only uses different particles: endRod particles which look really close to snow.